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    Confide Payroll System

Confide Payroll System is a superior product designed for an efficient, easy and flexible payroll routine. It is user friendly and can be customised by the user to suit any situation. One does not have to be a payroll expert to use Confide. The intuitive graphic user interface makes it easy for you to easily navigate around the system. There is our support team always ready to assist you with any technical issues.

System Requirements

Networked or a stand-alone, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows NT PC. It requires a space of only 600mb.


Confide Payroll System is parameter driven, that is; you can create and have as many formulae in your payroll as you wish. It has a comprehensive employee data management, mobile and email data transmission from pay slips. It is easy to manage leave and absence. The software is customizable that it can suit ones particular needs. It is not rigid it can "bend" to meet what you want to achieve.

The employee pay codes are user defined, so are the calculations that are executed during a payroll run. For the system to work efficiently, you will need to define the payroll parameters yourself or with the assistant of the support consultant. Imagine the payroll parameters to be the company expectations. These will define what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in the organization.

Confide Payroll System is designed to help your business manage employee records efficiently and systematically. The solution also allows for easy export of information to Microsoft Office.

The software handles any type of earning or deduction including:

Basic Pay, Allowances, benefits, Company car benefits, Commissions

PAYE, Funeral Policies, Medical Aid, NSSA, NEC, Loans

And any other earning or deduction.

Reduce manual work by using Confide Payroll System.