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    Executive PayView

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Executive Payview is an ideal payroll analysis tool for Executives used in decision-making, cost control, risk control and payroll fraud prevention, as well as in payroll auditing. Executives find it very useful in quick payroll extracts and data analysis wherever they are without going to the payroll office. If your payroll is outsourced you need EPV so that you have your payroll information anytime you need it.


•  Self service extracts of any set of payroll codes

•  Customizable for your particular organizational need

•  Provides easy "what if" analysis for HR. and payroll decisions

•  It has payroll code by code analysis, trends, basic movement by month, and net pay breakdown by pay method

•  Gives a graphical presentation of a code being analyzed

•  Interface with excel spreadsheets

•  Management normally asks for extracts of different structures; with Executive Payview, payroll extracts are made simple (you can derive any data you want to manipulate)


Decision Making Tool

•  A quick view and extract of payroll data

•  Salary review decisions

•  "What if" analysis

•  Quick access to payroll data

•  View any code of the payroll

•  Management can now derive any data on spreadsheets for analysis or further calculations e.g. determining profit share or bonuses

•  The distance between the need for payroll data and accessing it has been greatly reduced. Your payroll data is always ready for you on your computer.

Cost Control Tool

•  Analyze the payroll

•  Control usage

•  Overtime

•  Shift allowance

•  Other allowance that are linked to production

•  Get quick trend analysis and graphs

Risk Control

•  use Executive Payview in authorizing payroll payments because of:

•  high risk of fraud or error in payrolls

•  Caveat subscriptor rule (do not sign before you are sure: you may be inconvenienced)

•  Its features help you authorize the payroll with certainty

•  Prevents payroll fraud (cost of fraud is high, detection may take long)

•  Gives management control with less effort

Auditing Tool

•  Data is extracted with minimum involvement of the user

•  All payroll codes and transactions accessed

•  A primary tool to build audit schedules for payroll

•  Interface easily with excel

•  Trends, hush totals useful for vouching

Outsourced Payroll

If your payroll is outsourced you get the advantage of having your data anytime you need it. Keep your payroll records in this easy to access format in EPV in case you want previous periods for litigation and other uses.