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Executive PayView
Winpay Payroll System
Confide Payroll System is a superior product designed for an efficient, easy and flexible payroll routine. It is user friendly and can be customised by the user to suit any situation.   Executive Payview is an ideal payroll analysis tool for Executives used in decision–making, cost control, risk control and payroll fraud prevention, as well as in payroll auditing.   Secure, stable, fast and highly flexible payroll software system that is powerful, space efficient and easy to use.
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    Our Services

    ConfidePay Bureau Service - An outsourced payroll management service

Why Outsource?

Basic Outsourced Payroll Service
Receive payroll data from company client
Process payroll data
Generate payroll reports
Full Payroll Management Service
All of the above
Net pay disbursements
3rd party payments
Reconciliation (optional)

A world wide practice recognized for :

- Improving Efficiencies – gaining outside expertise
- Reducing costs
- Achieving legislative compliance on Payrolls – avoid penalties


Cost Effectiveness

1. Confidential
2. Cost effective
3. Compliant
4. Consistently Dependable
5. Competence

Accurate and reliable of payroll and taxes.
Meeting deadlines always up to date with statutory and other changes.

Payroll is NO longer at your premises
Bureau is a “no-go” area
Employees contracted to maintain confidentiality
Communication between us and client is restricted according to client requirements

The payroll is now our problem – not yours
No need for you to worry about your payroll person going on leave, getting sick or resigning
Leaves you to concentrate on your core business

Areas of cost savings include:

People and training needs
Hardware and software
Stationery and other consumables
Redirect time to core competencies



Based on a pricing model that takes into account:

1. A basic Fee for maintaining the payroll
2. Cost per payslip
3. % fee for direct salary deposits
4. % fee for 3rd party payments management

Talk to us to explore the ConfidePay Bureau Service.