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Executive PayView
Winpay Payroll System
Confide Payroll System is a superior product designed for an efficient, easy and flexible payroll routine. It is user friendly and can be customised by the user to suit any situation.   Executive Payview is an ideal payroll analysis tool for Executives used in decision–making, cost control, risk control and payroll fraud prevention, as well as in payroll auditing.   Secure, stable, fast and highly flexible payroll software system that is powerful, space efficient and easy to use.
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    Meet the Team

Shakespear Tsandukwa
Shakespear Tsandukwa is a seasoned payroll consultant. He has worked with Paynet Zimbabwe, Alastair Watermeyer & Co, and various other payroll companies in the country and the region. He is well versed in payroll software and implemented successful payroll platforms in listed and non-listed companies in Zimbabwe. Before joining ConfidePay, Shakespear worked for Cairns Foods and Astra Chemical as a payroll practitioner. The experience of hands on work as a payroll officer gave him an in-depth understanding of payroll to be able to run a bureau and payroll software development company. He gives insight into payroll because that’s what he knows best.

Stephen Kada
Kada is senior human resources professional with more than 30 years of experience. He is a transformation expert and has worked with a number of listed companies in Zimbabwe including Cairns Foods as Human Resources Director. He left Cairns in January 2008.