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    WinPay Software

Harnesses the full power of Visual Basic 6 and Windows 32 to set a new standard in reliability, accuracy, flexibility and ease of use. The intuitive, user-friendly interface minimises training needs while reducing costly errors. The rich set of parameters allows the system to be tailored to exactly meet your requirements without expensive customisation.

The system incorporates the use of Crystal, the world standard for desktop and web reporting, to provide a reliable reporting analysis that helps companies make better use of corporate data to understand and drive business performance.

Requires a stand-alone, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows NT PC

Can be run on up to 5 networked PCs as a multi user application.

Super VGA, 256-colour recommended

50 MB required for typical installation


Secure, stable, fast and highly flexible system that is powerful, space efficient and easy to use

Ability to run weekly/monthly payrolls

Automatic calculation of allowances such as overtime, cash in lieu of leave

Automatic calculations of standard deductions (e.g as FDS Tax, NSSA, NEC Trade Union, Pension, Medical Aid),

Ability to define earnings and deductions

Wide selection of reports encompassing all standard reports (including statutory) as well as those especially customised to a user's specification

Comprehensive menu system with multi-level password protection and logging

Electronic Banking for Building Society and Banks

Backpay processing

Leave processing

Ability to process increases across the board

Ability to produce Pension Monthly diskettes

Automatic leave pay in advance

Loan processing that includes the calculation of interest on reducing balance basis; the method of calculation being selected by the user

Ability to keep earning/deduction year to date and history on a month by month basis used for P6s

Ability to keep an individual NSSA accumulation from date of engagement

Ability to export data to other packages such as Excel, Access.

It can accommodate salaries of up to 99 999 999 999.00

It is a windows based system.

It has a facility to undo a most recent pay run.

Reports can be password protected.

Quotations available for a new installation, an upgrade from Quantum Payroll or conversion from another system.